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CI5X Series Impact Crusher

Integrated application of latest scientific research achievements

Integrated application of many latest scientific research achievements, for example, those concerning crushing chamber, rotor and adjusting device, based on the analysis of technical details and operating conditions of a good many domestic and foreign impact crushers makes CI5X series impact crushers internationally most advanced in respect of crushing performance and easiness of operation and maintenance.

Raw materials to high standard ensuring high strength of equipment

Compared to conventional crushing equipment, CI5X series impact crushers present higher reliability, safety, and strength as they are designed with computer-aided finite element design software ANSYS, and fabricated with raw materials of first class quality. The crusher maintenance costs are greatly reduced with the service life extended.

Ergonomics design theory reducing operation cost

Excellence of CI5X series impact crushers comes from their first-class structural design and material selection, pursuing perfection in every tiny detail. High reliability, maintainability, and operational convenience are ensured besides high strength and performance. Replacement of vulnerable parts and maintenance of the machine are simplified by ergonomics design with both production interruption time and operation cost reduced.

Selection from a variety of coarse and medium-fine crushing models

Selection from a variety of coarse and medium-fine crushing models of CI5X series impact crushers can be made so that the selected model is absolutely ideal for the coarse or medium-fine crushing of medium-hard or soft materials with huge or medium throughput.


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